My experience with applying for disability benefits

My experience with applying for disability benefits.

I thought I’d address my experience with applying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits.


Ian in a wheelchair – November, 2009.

When my Mother first applied for it on my behalf, after it became clear that I was going to be incapacitated for quite some time, I went to the Social Security office in a wheelchair. So, that pretty much revealed the severity of my injury. Fast forward to today. I have improved so much, apparently, that my disability benefits are in danger of stopping soon. I began receiving disability payments on December 31, 2009. After that I received my monthly checks on or around the third of each month.

I want to discuss the disability review process now, what you go through when you’re up for a review of your disability status. My disability review came after I had been on disability for close to four years. So it’s not like they do them every couple of months.

First I had to go to this doctor who asked me some questions and examined me physically. None of the tests were that in-depth, and he didn’t really test my memory much. That came a couple weeks later at the Psychological Evaluation service that Social Security sent me to. There the guy (I don’t even know if he was a doctor) had me answer all kinds of questions that were designed to test my memory. And I guess I did well enough on them, because my disability benefits were denied not long afterwards.

Some of the questions had asked me to look at drawings and answer questions about them. The rest, I honestly can’t remember!

I do remember, though, that he said to make sure to appeal if my benefits were denied. Interesting, huh?

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