It’s Friday night… and I’m home. Again.

It’s Friday night, and I’m home. Again. Before my accident I never would have been caught dead sitting at home on a Friday night. But when your friends stop wanting to hang out with you, you don’t really have too many options. I still have a couple of good friends, who I will hang out with occasionally. But nothing like the social life I had before my injury. So, I’m sitting in my bedroom, at my computer, writing this blog entry. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night, all things considered. Sure, it’s not as fun as being out with a girlfriend, which I don’t have right now, and haven’t since my injury (which happened in 2009). Will I ever get a girlfriend again? I don’t know. I hope I will. There are lots of people with brain injuries who went on to get married after their injuries. I hope I will become one of them. In order to do that I have to get my confidence back, and start making some kind of steady income. I’m hoping that I will be able to start making some money from my writing at some point soon. I’ve been taking a few writing courses online recently, to help me to become a better writer. That’s in addition to the writing classes I was taking with a writing mentor up until a couple of months ago. I can definitely notice an improvement in my writing since I’ve been taking the classes. The best way to become a better writer is by actually writing. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a few blog entries published every week for Brain Redemption. This is one of them. Welcome!


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