Why I love feeding birds

Why I love feeding birds, and you might too.

I first got a bird feeder in 2011 when I was living in my last house. I was just out of a wheelchair, and not terribly mobile yet, so watching the birds from my easy chair would give me intense amounts of pleasure. Fast forward to today, I’m living in a house again (after about a year and a half in an apartment), and guess what’s now standing in my backyard?

A new, improved bird feeder on a much taller pole!

I also have a bird bath, which is kind of funny because I live on a lake. But, the birds still use my birdbath with startling regularity. I have to dump out the old water and replace it every day! In fact, as I’m typing, this is my view out my office window: 


A duck standing in my bird bath!


I guess its nice and cool in the bird bath and, with the temperature where I live often topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit, my bird bath probably makes a welcome addition to their home. It’s just funny to look out my window and see a duck standing in my bird bath.

But feeding birds just makes me happy, and if you’re a nature lover (as I am), then you might have fun feeding birds too.

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