Ian does some TABE testing

Ian does some TABE testing

Ian won’t have much lounging around time once he starts working!

A couple of weeks ago I went down to my local Boley Centers office to do some TABE testing. TABE stands for Tests of Adult Basic Education. In these tests they were testing my math and English skills. On the English and reading/comprehension parts of the test, I scored excellent. On those parts of the test I scored 12.9+, which means 12th grade plus some. On the math portion of the test, I didn’t do so well. On that portion I scored an 8.2, which means 8th grade plus a little.

My math scores weren’t much of a surprise to me, as I have always struggled with that stuff. I guess I take after my mom more in that regard. My dad was always the math and science guy. It will certainly be interesting to see what my test scores enable me to do, with my hope being that they let me go back to school. Whether I’ll wind up in a trade school or an actual college remains to be seen. But, this is certainly a start!

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