I (finally) get over to ABILHouse!



This past Tuesday I (finally!) got over to ABILHouse, which is basically a local “brain injury clubhouse.” On their website, this is what it says the clubhouse is all about:At ABILHouse, our mission is to promote self-sufficiency and ensure community re-integration for veterans and others living with brain injuries.”

I went over there with the lady from Boley Centers, who is helping me with my vocational rehabilitation process. She wanted to see how I’d do in a group setting, I guess. But I am doing much much much better in groups these days. This is thanks to the anxiety medication I’m now taking. I had been meaning to write a review of Brintellix for this blog, but then I remembered that google may start looking at my site as sort of spammy, so I decided against it. If it could actually help people, though, maybe I should just bite the bullet and do it. So look for my review of Brintellix, coming soon!

Where was I? Oh yeah! ABIL House! It really is a remarkable place. They have gardens that participants can tend to. And they also do cooking. I’m not sure if they will be having any sort of membership fees anytime soon. But even if they do, it’s certainly worth it… especially if you or a loved one is dealing with a brain injury.


The gardens at ABILHouse

If you’re interested in visiting ABIL House, they’re located at 3228 49th St, in St. Petersburg Florida. You could also call Dianne Duncan at 813-480-6894, or email

Their website is:

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