Brain Injury Support Group Facilitator Toolkit

The “Brain Injury Support Group Facilitator Toolkit” is now taking shape as customizable printed items for support group promotion and new member welcomes.

My son, Ian, and I are launching a brain injury support group for Sumter County, Florida and we  realized that as we create resources we’d like to use ourselves – we could also make them customizable for other groups to use. It’s easy to make templates that can be personalized on Zazzle, so that’s what we’re doing.

So far, we’ve made a few dozen customizable items on which you can change the name of the organization to your own.

Support Group Networking Card

For example, I designed these business/networking cards for Ian to use as facilitator of our new support group and on our new Zazzle brain injury shop, you can personalize with the name of your group, your facilitator’s name and contact info. Here’s the template I used to make Ian’s networking cards, which will be essential as we go around Sumter County talking to doctors and hospitals.

This design already appears on customizable notebooks, clipboards, stickers, welcome note cards and I’ll be adding more items as we go along and discover what we really need.
Just for fun, here are a couple of other items available for survivors and facilitators:
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Barbara Casey

I'm an inspirational writer and designer on My son and I create items for brain injury awareness at*.