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Changes in relationships after brain injury

Dating has never been what you’d call “easy” for me. Almost all of my girlfriends I’ve met over the internet. That’s also true of my most recent girlfriend, T. We met on Whisper a little over a year ago. Before I met her, I hadn’t had a girlfriend in over five years. Though in those

Things to do in Tampa Bay!

This is an article I wrote for a travel writing course I took several months ago. I’m driving across the Howard Frankland Bridge from Tampa, Florida with my destination, St. Petersburg, on the horizon. As I get closer to the shore I begin to see the many pelicans and seagulls that are fixtures of the

I (finally) get over to ABILHouse!

This past Tuesday I (finally!) got over to ABILHouse, which is basically a local “brain injury clubhouse.” On their website, this is what it says the clubhouse is all about: “At ABILHouse, our mission is to promote self-sufficiency and ensure community re-integration for veterans and others living with brain injuries.” I went over there with

Why I likely need more rest than you

I don’t always have the same energy level that I used to have, before my injury. This means that I will often nap during the day. In fact, before I started writing this, I was laying down on my couch, ready to fall into a blissful sleep. But then I got this idea to write

Ian does some TABE testing

A couple of weeks ago I went down to my local Boley Centers office to do some TABE testing. TABE stands for Tests of Adult Basic Education. In these tests they were testing my math and English skills. On the English and reading/comprehension parts of the test, I scored excellent. On those parts of the

What do I want to write about today?

What do I want to write about today? Since starting this blog, I often find myself struggling to come up with compelling topics to write about every day. The fact that I can post entries from my phone makes it a little easier. I’m not sure if it’s my brain injury that causes the writers

“The Wolf” – a short story by Ian Casey

  The wolf crept up on his prey. He was hungry. He hadn’t eaten in three days. The bird looked to be just the right size to fill up his starving belly. Through the bushes and thickets he crept, inching closer and closer. Almost there. Careful not to make too much noise. Slowly, slowly… he

Why I love feeding birds

Why I love feeding birds, and you might too. I first got a bird feeder in 2011 when I was living in my last house. I was just out of a wheelchair, and not terribly mobile yet, so watching the birds from my easy chair would give me intense amounts of pleasure. Fast forward to today,

Why do we exist?

Ok, so this question may be a little heavy for a brain injury blog, but bear with me. So, why do we exist? To pretend that I have the answer to this question would be slightly presumptuous of me, I’ll admit. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still fun to ponder it! The way I

If I didn’t have a brain injury…

What would my life be like if I didn’t have a brain injury? That’s a question I ask myself pretty regularly. I likely never would have stopped taking Xanax. That’s a pretty big one. I also very likely wouldn’t be as in tune with the world around me as I am today.