Cool sites I frequently visit

citas por internet medimas On this page you will find links to some of the cool sites I frequently visit.. some will be brain injury related, while others may not. I will also be adding my two cents about said websites.

source url This first site is a pretty good brain injury blog. She’s been updating it (semi) regularly since 2008! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This next blog is also pretty good… and I love the name! I think anybody who has a brain injury could probably relate. Though with my awful handwriting, I usually will just create a note in my phone when I want to remember something.

Living The Post-It Life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This blog is pretty heartwarming, and very well written to boot.

Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

template wordpress site de rencontre gratuit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you’ve enjoyed the “Brain Injury Blogs” section of this page! Now onto some sites that I probably couldn’t live without…


corso on line opzioni binarie Pinterest is a photo sharing website, that lets you “pin” or “repin” images from anywhere on the web.  It’s also the site that I have the most followers (close to 58,000 as of April 2015). But be warned: it’s addictive! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And last but certainly not least…



I will do my best to keep this list updated as I come across new sites that I think my readers might enjoy. Until then… peace!


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