Why I likely need more rest than you

I don’t always have the same energy level that I used to have, before my injury. This means that I will often nap during the day. In fact, before I started writing this, I was lying down on my couch, ready to fall into a blissful sleep. But then I got this idea to write about my desire to sleep so often for the blog. And after doing an internet search for napping and brain injury, I found a statistic that says as many as 70% of survivors of TBI complain of mental fatigue. That’s not surprising to me. And it’s especially not surprising in my case. After everything I went through (close to 4 months in hospitals and rehab centers), I deserve all the sleep I can get!

Understanding that your loved one with a brain injury needs more rest than they used to is just part of the deal. You probably never signed up to be a caregiver, or, if you’re the one who has a brain injury, you probably never signed up for that, either. I know I sure didn’t. But those are just the cards I was dealt. All I can do now is just try to be the best me that I can be.

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I'm the co-founder of brainredemption.com. I live in Florida, and I sustained a brain injury in 2009.