Why can’t YouTube be more user friendly?

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Why can’t YouTube be more user friendly?

Lorazepam 1 Mg Buy Uk Or maybe I should say more idiot-proof.


Buy Phentermine Europe So I’m trying to start a YouTube channel, to chronicle my life as a brain injury survivor. The only problem is, because I have a brain injury, setting up the channel (and recording videos) is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

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I have a camera and a microphone, but I just can’t figure out how to get them to work with YouTube. I have to set up something called “encoding software” – but I just can’t figure out how. Google/YouTube’s help articles have been anything but helpful. I guess they just assume everybody knows what they’re doing.


If anybody reading this has a successful YouTube channel, and wouldn’t mind lending me a hand, I’d be forever in your debt. I might even be able to pay you a small amount for your time.

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Buy Valium Wholesale Thanks for reading, and have a pleasant day!

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I'm the co-founder of brainredemption.com. I live in Florida, and I sustained a brain injury in 2009.